CRES IMAGING, LLC Sales and Marketing contractor in Lake Stevens, Washington

DUTIES : The duties of the Contractor are: To contact potential and existing vendors, clients, customers in the fields of business that the Company designates and to determine if the company has items or equipment for sale, has need of equipment or items, validate and update primary contact name, address, phone/fax and e-mail/web site information. To promptly list in the Company database any items or equipment for sale by any vendor, customer or client To make sales of items or equipment to vendors, customers or clients from the Company list of available equipment or from any third party or outside vendor as approved by the Company. Compensation is straight commission. Splits are 60% of the realized gross profit to the selling agent, 20% of the realized gross profit to the listing agent. If sales agent is also the listing agent then commission would be 80% of the realized gross profit.